Modular Uniflow


Modular Uniflow
Modular Uniflow - click for larger image
Modular Uniflow Exploded View
Exploded View - click for larger image
No. 3 SI Uniflow Segment

The Modular Uniflow is a high capacity multiple cylinder length separator. Length separations are made by rotating cylinders which lift the smaller material using indented pockets. A wide variety of cylinders are available with indented pocket sizes for virtually all applications.

Vertical modules from 2 to 5 cylinders high provide flexibility to meet a wide range of process separation requirements in a single pass. Capacity requirements can be met by combining any number of independent vertical modules into a single machine configuration.

Carter Day Indents

The Segmented Cylinder consist of three equal segments. These segments are joined together by three solid bars which are attached to the ends of the cylinder assembly. Our precision sizer shells are used all over the world and sought after by many other machine manufacturers.

New Trunnion Inlet System with split seal

The New Seal Cone Trunnion inlet solves the problems of Leaking Length Grading Machines. This allows for additional great sealing options.

Product Videos
Modular Uniflow - click to view
Modular Uniflow - click to view