Dual Rotor Crusher

The “Dual Rotor Full Nelson” Crusher (DRFNC) is a heavy duty crusher with staggered 1″ (25mm) blunt edge hammers or hooked teeth welded on large diameter shafts

Unique Features

  • Optional sanitary design available which meets USDA and FDA requirements
  • Oil tight spur gear and chain guard on all sanitary units
  • Optional hook-tooth design to grab material
  • Center cross bar and cleaning combs on side walls
  • Typical rotor speed: 80 and 150 rpm
  • Capacities to 3500 cubic feet per hr. (to 100m3 per hr.)

Ideal for Processing

  • Chocolate/caro blocks
  • Frozen vegetable
  • Wax chunks
  • Ice blocks
  • Hard block candies
  • Poultry and beef bones