Pressurized Spinaway Dryer

The Stainless Steel Pressurized SpinAway Dryer is designed for special products such as nylon pellets. The final dewatering is accomplished by spinning off the moisture through the centrifugal action of the rotor. The slurry enters the bottom of the SpinAway. As the water is spun off, pellets are carried to the top by the rotating blades. The discharge is located at the top.

The internal dryer components include purged labyrinth shafts seals, electro – polished screens and special bearing assemblies. A pellet-free rotor with stub shafts are available in our largest models. The Vessels are designed with manways to provide an easy access to service the internal screens. All internal welds, edges, and sharp corners are ground to an 80 grit finish.

The vessels are designed and built to ASME code VIII, Div. 1. Standards are code stamped and designed for pressures up to 45 psi and 350°F.