V.D.M.C. Aspirators


V.D.M.C. Open
V.D.M.C. Open Rear
V.D.M.C. Open Configuration
V.D.M.C. Closed
V.D.M.C. Closed Configuration
V.D.M.C. Flow Diagram
V.D.M.C. Flow Diagram
The V.D.M.C. is a high capacity six pass aspirator. The cleaning process occurs as the product enters the aspiration columns and is contacted by an air wash which removes light fines, straw, hulls, etc. The concentrated product free-falls through the aspiration column, which by its design expands the product stream allowing for more efficient cleaning. The aspirated light materials are pulled through the aspiration column into the liftings chamber to settle out in the closed circuit model, or discharged to an outside collection system in the open circuit design.

The patented performance engineered 6 pass aspiration column design provides a superior method of separating fines from free flowing granular material. The material is dropped in a free-fall vertical flow path into an opposing upward air stream to suspend the fines in the air stream for removal to the collection system. The column design is engineered with louvers in the panels which expand the product stream allowing a more effective aspiration.

Models available in Open and Closed configuration:
28  ·  56  ·  84  ·  112

Carter Day VDMC Perforated Panels demonstrated below. The VDMC video is shown horizontally so you are able to see the overall air liftings separation. You will notice the lower amount of swirling of light material and the increased air liftings to the liftings chamber.
VDMC Perforated Panels - click to view