CXT™ 3/4 Circle Hammermill

Combines the larger screen area and “Quick Change Screen Carriage” features of the XLT with the larger throat opening and backwall pregrinding features of the Commander.

Applications include:

  • Bulky and/or light density material
  • Hogging of wood scrap and other waste
  • Medium grinding granulations
  • Wood and bark mulch

Unique Features

  • 20″ inlet (500mm) by width of rotor
  • Sturdy rolling doors for easy access to hammers, screen and rotor
  • Heavy-duty screen carriage with breaker plate impact area
  • Side removal of rotor for easy service or replacement
  • Easily accessible Quick Change Screen Mechanism
  • Heavy-duty wear liners standard on every CXT hammermill; removable and replaceable
  • Machine planed base and bearing supports for low vibration operation