Fractionating Aspirator

The Fractioning Aspirator is designed to separate product of different terminal velocities by lifting the lighter material out of the heavier material. The lighter material is divided into three separate fractions based on weight: heaviest, intermediate, and lightest. Depending on the product and the type of separation required, the heaviest fraction of the lifted light material may be suitable for re-combining with the main product stream.


- Advanced principles of air control to classify particles on the basis of “product terminal velocity”.

- High pressure adjustable air capacity handles any separation need, from heavy particles to light dust.

- A rubber covered roll, at inlet, ensures uniform curtain of product at entry of air stream; eliminates bridging and prevents product damage.

- All discharges are by gravity, no augers to damage product.

- The aerodynamic design of the air column produces “laminar” air in separation so there is no mixing of product.

- Adjustable air bleeder prevents settling of dust in exhaust pipe.

- Requires only three settings for precise separation.

- Equipped with magnehelic gauge which indicates air flow. This provides a reference scale for resetting air velocity to achieve repetitive results or indicates changes in external conditions that effect performance.

- Micrometer setting provides precise control on intermediate separations.

- Requires minimal operator experience and supervision.