Phat Boy Tribar Sizer


Phat Boy Tribar Sizer
Phat Boy Drive Package
Phat Boy Seal Package

Phat Boy 36-4M Tribar Sizer has been designed based on our Carter Day Precision Sizer. The cylinder is 33” in diameter and roughly 4 meters long. This machine has been designed to cover all the issues involved in large diameter cleaning and grading. The Tribar shell can be designed to over up to 3 slot sizes per shell.

Phat Boy Uniflow Drive Package

The shaft mounted direct drive offers reliability and ease of VFD control The direct drive shaft connects via a Ring Feder bolted connection. The spider design is non-tubular in construction using welded plate and angle to create the spider.

Phat Boy Uniflow Seal Package

The Seal Cone Inlet is a patent pending design that moves the seal point away from the length grading process. The seal cone is tapered so the seal is moved up 2-4 inches and back 4 inches away from the length grading process. We match the seal cone with a split UHMW seal mounting on the inside of the cylinder around the inlet.

Precision Sizer Tribar Shells

The Modular Precision Sizers utilize four different sizing cylinders with over 125 different size apertures. We are the first and highest quality manufacture of sizer shells. Our precision sizer shells are used all over the world and sought after by many other machine manufacturers.